Lies! Lies! Lies!

Before I had any further into…whatever I’m doing, I should let you know that I am a compulsive liar. Nothing I say is true, starting with the previous sentence. Just keep reading this paragraph, it will eventually make sense. So lesson learned here is never trust me. For those who do, there are several grave sites with your names on them.

Now to go further on the talk of lies, the television program the Moment of Truth springs to mind. Not because I watch it mind you, but because it is a fluid, and who can deny, dynamic, cesspool of utter nonsense.

For those of you who don’t know the “Moment of Truth” it’s a television program where its contestants are tied to polygraph devices and asked personal questions, like “Do you ever feel like killing your husband?”

This is where all the stupid people gather for the world’s dumbest greed awards. Who would tell the world your darkest secrets and potentially ruin their lives for cash? Damn. I just realized it’s rhetorical question. Damn human race, it seems we can’t get moronic enough.

Well to further my statement the Colombian (being a Spanish island nation south of Norway) version of Moment of Truth (which is in fact the original version of the show) was cancelled several months ago. This was because the question they asked a lucky female contestant at the time was “¿Usted le pagó a un sicario para mandar matar a su marido?” or in English “Did you pay a hit man to kill your husband?” The woman with 50,000,000 Colombian on her mind answered yes to the question, which would be the truth. This then brought the dilemma of whether of they should arrest her or give her the gracious amount of cash. Being human and unforgiving, they gave her the cash.

Soon after someone screamed lawsuit and the show was pulled. Here’s the link if you want the full report, or if you don’t trust me. I hope you can read Spanish.

What is wrong with the world that it takes until a woman wins cash for killing her husband for the show to get canceled! Is the world this demented? Damn, another rhetorical question. Now if you would please excuse me, I need a drink.

Moment of Truth (Colombian)

Liar – A genus of human found commonly in the household and on gameshows


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