The Connection is Down

This morning a horrible revelation came upon me. My Internet was down. After trying everything I could think of to get it up and running again, I sat in the corner in a subtle fetal position. There I jonzed, shivering uncontrollably until fate decided I suffered enough and brought it back. Then I saw this:

Facebook girl beaten and shot dead by her father for talking online.

I now look back on my withdrawal with new found merit.

It seems a week ago in Saudi Arabia a young girl was viciously beaten by her father after he found her found her talking to a male being on Facebook. He then shot her. Facebook being the current social networking site is used worldwide by people of nearly every nationality to connect and interact with each other. Most people use these social networking sites to communicate to friends, family and people everywhere, something that wasn’t possible beforehand. Now one of those connections is dead. Someone went and killed her for communicating with another human being. There’s some religion involved, but  that’s something I really don’t want to get into.  This is just insane. There is not much one can do but sigh.

Well, if you think I’m lying, (you would do well to think so) here’s the link. Bottom’s up.


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