It’s Over 9000!

It’s been several years since I first grimaced at a fanboy screaming IT’S OVER 9000! For whatever reason the fact that it was a Dragon Ball Z reference instantly meant what he was saying was awesome and I continued to scream alongside him. Since then it’s been several haircuts and beers later and I hope I have matured out of that carnal state of sleep deprivation and energy drinks. It’s also been that long since I ever heard that term again, until today that is. A friend of mine grabbed me from behind screaming in my ear that something was ‘OVER 9000!’ He then showed me on an amazing article about what may revolutionize the world.

Those geniuses at CERN labs seem to be doing some amazing experiment that may essentially replace the Internet. They have a new system that functionally works like the Internet except it is on average 10,000 times faster than my broadband. Making it roughly 1GB/sec. Try to comprehend that for a second. That would mean you could download every episode of ‘Lost’ in HD in approximately 10 seconds. Or it would mean that you could have a game of an online game of Starcraft running solely off people’s computers, without servers, and still have hundreds of thousands of people playing in a single match.  Of course, this would also mean it would achieve the world’s largest clusterfuck.


The system, called ‘The Grid’, runs on fiber optic cables, which send signals of light instead of our digital signals. Light travels a hell of a lot faster than anything we can come up with so that’s self-explanatory. Another thing that adds to its amazing speed is that unlike cable or DSL it’s not connected to anything other than the Internet. No phones, TV or anything use these wires. It’s not just the cables though you need special hardware and software in your computer as well a s a couple other nice things that we don’t have.

This is currently being used by universities and scientific researchers, but will soon be available to people of grandeur scale. Hopefully this leads to the dream of cloud computing, which means that will no longer need our computers to store information, just to be processors, while we save everything directly to the Internet. Unfortunately for now we won’t have direct access due to plans for it being a private network. Well that’s what they said about the original APRAnet. Still it offers great possibilities for the future. In retrospect I firmly believe that this is in fact over 9000.

To find out more here’s a great article from The Times. Or look it up on Wikipedia. Do that anyways, God huffs a kitten every time you don’t look something up on Wikipedia. Besides, if I lied through this post, Wikipedia will always redeem me.


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  1. That’s that Kaio-ken shit for ya…

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