New One Piece Dub with Extra Fullmetal Flavouring

Okay so the new One piece dub came and the world was astonished that it wasn’t garbage and was actually remarkably good. Anyways I haven’t been able to see it until recently due to my imensely busy schedule and perhaps the fact that I had completely forgotten about it. Regardless, I saw the dub and like the others I thought it wasn’t half bad. It added a new taste to the series, changing the voices so that coincided more with the characters. It also made it more bearable than listen to nails on a chalkboard.  All in all I liked it; however what I did find truly astonishing was the opening theme songs.

They were in English. I braced myself for a Funimation version of the infamous pirate rap but instead found myself facing the harmonious voice of Edward Elric singing about life at the open seas. While I certainly have heard English translations of Japanese theme songs, the best part was that it was pretty good. So much so that I am listening to it as I write this.  Then again I found the Pizza Pizza ads catchy so what do I know. Still,  it was a shocking discovery on my part.

Now I wish Vic Mignogna had added a musical portion to Fullmetal Alchemist just to mix things up. Al and Winry could be back up singers while Ed fights with Roy Mustang for control of the microphone. Then it could transform into the Phantom of the Opera with Ed as the titular Phantom. Actually no. Just no.

For those who have yet to hear it here’s the first one. Do yourself a favour and skip the first 25 seconds.

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