Lain’s Serial Experiments on my Brain

Alright so in April I went to Anime North. You know that anime convention, in Canada. Anyways while there I saw a great deal on the series Serial Experiments Lain. So I forked over 40 dollars and got the entire set. When I look back on that moment, I don’t know whether I should be thinking of it fondly or with cold resentment.

Let get this out of the way first, Serial Experiments Lain is awesome. That’s pretty much the best I can come up with. There aren’t many words that can effectively describe this series. It’s the strangest anime I have ever seen; however ttha strangeness is in good effect. It makes the plot insightful and constantly makes you second guess the truth. After the years of anime I have endured I have never seen an anime like this.

As I said there aren’t many words that describe the series. The most common word being mindf@*k. One of the main ideas of the series is that everything we know comes from our memories, which plays a big part in the show itself. Without giving away the plot, basically you could just as easily assume that the entire show was a hallucination and that everything that is said or done is a fabrication created by the titular character Lain. So the ending along with everything else that happens in the program is entirely up to your interpretation.

The show, depending on who you are, can be frightening and perhaps painful.  The show definitely left me with that psycho-horror chill on my spine, along with a sudden desire to smash my head against something hard. This shouldn’t deter you from watching. In fact it should encourage you. Rarely is there a show that can scare you the way a horror movie could without using violence or really anything all that scary. The concepts found in Serial Experiments Lain are horror enough.

Lain's thinking

However this anime isn’t going to be great for everyone. There isn’t much action, along with minimal dialogue. If you’re a adrenaline junkie thriving for a lot of action this isn’t the place to be looking. Also if you’re going to not like this series, don’t do it based on the artwork. That’s the least of your concerns. I personally enjoyed it, but only because I had the patience to finish it all.

The general idea, is to give it a chance. I must admit the first few episodes aren’t all especially appealing but  hang on to at least the third episode. At that point it’s easy to get hooked. Also the music is well done and the little dialogue there is, is done convincingly. It runs it the same vain as Ergo Proxy, so if you like that this should be welcoming. Then again if you hated that show, stay far away from this one. In the end I didn’t exactly describe Serial Experiments Lain, but there weren’t many words to use anyways.

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  1. This anime is one of the best 🙂 It covers many issues and can be interpreted in many ways.

  2. It’s quite difficult to get into. I like it (it, uh, consumed my blog for a while). It was a perfect mix of computers, psychology, sociology and philosophy. Unfortunately deep thought tends to send me into lockdown, so my mood suffered for a while.

    It’s truly awesome but quite tough. Although some of my friends find it unremarkable and me weak minded 😀

  3. Lain the best !! very cool on the site

  4. super cool. after watching Lain I considered alternate possibilities.

  5. S.E.L. is an acid ride!!!. this kind of anime shoud be taken like a cultural-historic reference.

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