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The 12seconds Song |

The 12seconds Song | (alpha)

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G.A.M Netcast 1

Uhh, I was too busy to make my own post this week. Anyways it’s late but it’s not like anyone listens to it. Here’s the first proper G.A.M. uPDATE for this week.

He got his mic so it should sound better than last week’s frightening  turn out.

Topics Include:

  • Morbito on Adult Swim
  • Fansubs vs Industry Panel
  • Tomari no 801-chan
  • Kevin being a Death Note
  • Live action Death Note movie comes to Canada
  • Compatible Rock Band and Guitar Hero Controllers


  • Gurren Lagenn Vol. 1
  • Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Hero Accel 2
  • Shakugan no Shana Vol. 3

They seem to be better considering that last week was 30 minutes long and sucked. Regardless, Have fun.

G.A.M. Netcast 00

G.A.M.cast  – Gaming, Anime, Manga Cast/ Netcast/ Podcast/ Town Diner

A close friend of mine who lives in his basement, and rents movie every week because he is too poor to buy them, has decided to start his own Japanese Otaku podcast.In my divine wisdom I told him to paste it on my blog since too many people seem to be reading this and I need a way to get rid of them.

It’s not all that great considering his condenser mic isn’t arriving for another week, but it’d be nice to give this guy a chance. He’s at least trying, unlike you. Along side him are his two other chums who are too insignificant to mention further.

A Healthy Third of D’Eon

Today I went to my local DVD store/anime retailer/Pizza Place/Heaven and bought Le Chevalier D’Eon, Livre 1 and 2. A friend of mine reccomended it to me a while back, and seeing that I wasn’t broke at the time I bought it. I was apprehensive at first to even look at the title considering it was in French, which I hate. After watching it now I discovered that I really like the anime, and that I’m now broke.  I only watched the first eight episodes but they left me with quite an impression.

The general story is that in 1742 D’Eon, a member of the French secret police under King Louis XV, finds that his sister had been mercilessly killed and her body had been placed in a coffin in the Seine River. He soon discovers that for some reason her body has been filled with mercury, stopping it from rotting. He then takes it upon himself to find the people responsible and kill them. Of course the plot runs a lot deeper than that. The story does delve into far-fetched as it deals with using the bible Psalms to cast magic, but at no point does it seem too unrealistic. It’s just subtle enough that it’s almost immediately acceptable (unlike some other fiction where the magic feels like a game of Civilization played on God Mode).

As it is still beginning there has been nothing in terms of insane plot twists, only constant tension and intrigue. Every episode I watched was interesting in its own merit, and certainly kept me wondering what comes next. Livre 2 also ends on a good note, leaving you with enough suspense to want more but content enough to pause until you get your hands on the next one.

Even the Ceiling is accurate!

Even the Ceiling is accurate!

While the plot is definitely a highlight of the story, the thing that I enjoyed the most was the level of detail put into its production. Historically the setting is entirely correct. I did some research myself thinking that they probably made something up put it together added some European flair and called it France and I was shocked to find that this was not the case. The buildings, names, phrases, cities etc. are all decidedly French. The characters are not entirely accurate, but this is to be expected considering it is historical fiction. For example King Louis and his wife are relatively accurate in terms of characterization and appearance; on the other hand D’Eon is not even close to his historical counterpart bearing in mind that historically D’Eon was a cross-dressing spy.

Often in the show they quote the bible, seeing as it is 18th century France, where the King only lived because God said so. I even took out my dust covered bible to see if the lines they quote are actually in the bible. Amazingly enough, I actually found them in the Psalms.

In terms of the dub quality, I liked it much more than the Japanese Version. It’s not an all-star cast but it gets the job done in a way that couldn’t be achieved in Japanese. Really, I think that it has more to do that when they do slip in French words and phrases it sounds a lot smoother (and more understandable) in English. The similarities between English and French lend a hand in creating much more fluid dialogue, though I am pretty proud of how well the Japanese managed.

One last thing that caught my eye was the DVDs themselves. There are brief historical notes for those of you who don’t know what Wikipedia is (of course I didn’t find the Historical Notes until after several hours on Wikipedia). On top of that there are commentaries from the translators, the male voice actors, and the female voice actors.

Taken with a grain of salt, this is only the first few episodes. There are still sixteen more that I haven’t seen. For all I know there could be a horrible fatal flaw that comes along in the next episode. However from what I’ve seen I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Look at its almighty glow

Look at its almighty glow

Code Geass R2 – Updated Impressions

So it’s been a couple weeks since I last talked about this, and things have certainly changed. For better or worse is still up for debate but I’m feeling much better about the show than I was a few weeks ago.

Current State of Affairs

Current State of Affairs

First of all the plot is starting to rear its head which means the episodes are more concerned with moving the story rather than showing us some extremely well-endowed females. The developments have been huge. Shirley died, which was slightly expected. On the contrary Orange-kun killed most of Lelouch’s guards solely to test him and then join the Black Knights, which was completely unexpected. C.C. has reverted back to a slave girl, which so far has led to an interesting dynamic with Lelouch.  The Black Knights did their own mass murder, and King Charles became invincible. Not to mention Kallen managed to beat the snot out of Suzaku.



All this has allowed the central characters of Lelouch and Suzaku to slowly become stronger characters. They have both experienced serious hardships, with Shirley dying and Suzaku’s near forceful application of the Refrain drug on Kallen, not to mention that trippy episode taking place in the Sword of Akasha. The previous episodes came together with Lelouch and Suzaku finally fully come to terms with each other identities and their intentions, ending with Lelouch begging for Suzaku’s help to protect Nunnally.

While we’re only at episode sixteen, with seventeen coming out later today, things have finally started to heat up. It now seems that a lot of the pointless episodes were simply trying to establish that Lelouch likes Shirley. It was almost as if the production team needed to kill her off but couldn’t make it count since  Lelouch, throughout the first season, was generally an obvious, emotionless git.

Lelouchs worried, loving, and oblivious face

Lelouch's worried, loving, and oblivious face

Unfortunately this also created some useless plot lines. For example that supposed twist that ‘Holy Shit! The other Knightmare pilots live there now! What a surprise!” which I never got since they pretty much lived there in the first place. Really I think those last minute corny plot twists were just lame attempts at trying to get our attention for episodes that were going to be mostly Lelouch – Shirley focused.

The way things are looking, it seems that things are certainly looking up. I admit that the last few episodes were not amazing episodes, they were intriguing and entertaining in their own merit. I think that this meeting with Suzaku will initiate the climax of the second season and I can only hope that it’s smooth sailing from there. In the end you should rewatch the first few episodes of the first season. While the fan service was not as plenty, it was still there. It just wasn’t at the point yet where we could determine what was fanservice and what was plot. Also other than the first two episodes the series wasn’t all that interesting until the appearance of Mao, after which things became more serious.

Suzaku Confounded

Suzaku's Confounded

So yeah, in the end we just have to hope that the writers know what they’re doing. They seem to have a good idea of the way things are going to go from here, and I just hope it’s another trip down to crazy. This always happens with second season of a show. Everyone complains about the first few episodes of a new season because they aren’t as good as the last episodes of the previous season. Of course the first ten to fifteen episodes aren’t going to be all that exciting, they’re still setting up the plot. Actually everything really depends on these next few episodes. If they are utter garbage that give one merit to completely abandon the series, as here is when the actual meat of story begins. Still, as a confident fan of the series I can only imagine that these next few episodes are going to be awesome.

All Hail Britannia!

All Hail Britannia!

Oh and sorry, I think there were spoilers in there somewhere.