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A close friend of mine who lives in his basement, and rents movie every week because he is too poor to buy them, has decided to start his own Japanese Otaku podcast.In my divine wisdom I told him to paste it on my blog since too many people seem to be reading this and I need a way to get rid of them.

It’s not all that great considering his condenser mic isn’t arriving for another week, but it’d be nice to give this guy a chance. He’s at least trying, unlike you. Along side him are his two other chums who are too insignificant to mention further.


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  1. ummmmmmm for some reson i no im bring mind controlled but i dont want to assassinate the president so im guessing thats good
    it was oooooooooooooooooooooooo k but it needs something more hmmmm wat is it oh ya like Naruto or hey lets put in some Dbz {Note: u dont really have if u dont want to}
    but i cant w8 for “Afro Samurai Live Action Moive” and thx for tell me that cuz i didnt no so ya but i was srry to say the i kind jumped some parts like {6:00} To {27:11} but ya like i said some were ^up there^ its ok. . .

    Ok im going to TRY to start something so when u guys get really popular ill hope this catches on and i no this is going to sound REALLY dum on my part but everytime i make comment
    ill say “Power To G.A.M” < it sounds dum now but when u use it a comment it sounds cool
    Like This {Look Down}

    Awesome Podcast
    Keep Them Coming 😀
    Signed By Aaron < but i guess u knew that
    “Power To G.A.M”

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