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Heroes Season 3 Premiere

Quite literally jumping from my seat to write this post, Heroes Season three has an awesome start. Again, these two episodes are better than the entire second season.

So for a quick run through (Warning Spoilers) :

  • Peter shot Nathan
  • Alright, Future Peter shot Nathan
  • The future is a horrible nightmare where telling everyone about their abilities didn’t turn out so well. Thus Future Peter is trying to change that
  • Future Peter traps Present Day Peter is in the body of a prisoner named Jesse in the Company’s Level 5 Prison (Astral Projection Perhaps?)
  • Hiro gets a secret chemical formula from his father, who tells him not to touch it which he does.
  • Instantly, he loses it to a speedster, so to find out if it actually was so important, he goes to the future and finds it to be a Godzilla remake where Ando can shoot power blasts out of his hands. (Future Ando kills Future Hiro). They chase after the culprit.
  • Nathan survives, (thanks to Linderman?) and becomes a devout man.
  • Oh and Linderman’s back…but no one except Nathan can see him.
  • Mohinder gets Spider-Powers, thanks to discovering the true origin of these abilities (it’s the adrenaline) Then he discovers side effects like being horny and the shedding of his skin.
  • Claire is at home when she shouldn’t be thanks to Future Peter, and is attacked by Sylar.
  • Sylar not only gets her power but goes after the criminals in Level 5
  • Matt figures out that Peter is not Peter, so Peter sends him to Africa where he meets an African guy who can paint the future.
  • Mrs. Angela Petrelli tells Future Peter how much he screwed up.
  • Tracy Strauss, who looks a lot (by a lot I mean exactly) like the deceased (?) Niki Sanders, hires Nathan to be the new Junior Senator of New York.
  • Bob is killed by Sylar, who invades Level 5 attacks Elle, who retaliates by electrocuting everything in the vacinity.
  • Sylar is captured, several dangerous villains escape, Elle is fired, and Angela takes over the Company
  • Noah Bennett goes after said villains, and leaves the scarred Claire in the hands of Meredith, who responds by lighting a giant fire.
  • Oh and Angela is Sylar’s mom.

Impressions (Also Spoilers)

This season has started off with nothing but promise. The writers have once again found a way to forcefully separate some of the characters. I enjoyed how they did it this season than last. In Season 2 they used the Time Skip to show how some characters were drawn apart or together; however the way they’ve done it this season seems more natural or coherent. They don’t thrust the fact that they’re apart again at us with no explanation, instead using the plot to put them in trouble again. Also several new characters have been introduced while giving them a purpose within the known story. This in comparison to last season where Maya and a couple others were introduce with little relation to the overall story. One issue that I am having with these episodes is how no one notices Matt is gone. He’s been away for at least a few days within the time line of the show and no one has even mentioned his existence. It’s almost as if as soon as they don’t need him, they dump him off and never bothered to ask where he went. Finally I’m not entirely sure that I like the whole, Angela is Sylar’s mom story. While it definitely left me in suspense, it would have been better if it had been foreshadowed earlier on in the story. Here it just looks like they pulled it out for drama’s sake.

Regardless, the first two episodes definitely left me looking forward to next week, where I hope we get a better look at the Godzilla future, and maybe a little more into Future Peter’s future (Oh God that’s a mouthful). They were both pretty vague about what happens except horrible things. Also, I’m wondering based on the fact that Hiro has been a jerk to Ando in these two episodes, that if Hiro was the villian and Ando was actually trying to help save everyone. Damn, I can’t wait for next week.


Alright, I give up. These are coming out on Monday, no matter how much Arman wants me to have it out Sunday. Besides, who likes Sundays…Well it’s not like Monday’s any better. Regardless here’s numero 3.


Topic Include:

  • Domo-kun in Target stores
  • Beck – “The Last Day of Eddie Lee”
  • August’s top Graphic Novels
  • Ponyo Comes to North America in 09
  • Funimation garners 1/3 of Anime market
  • Dinner and Timeskips


  • None this week


What’s New Facebook-Doo?

I never got all the hubbub about Facebook. It’s a Social Networking site. You put up embarrassing and/or macho pictures of yourself. Then you comment to all your friends about how awesome you may or may not look, then you gossip. Somehow I wonder how more people don’t get punched in the face because of Facebook. Then it had an update so I started caring, ever so slightly.

Regardless, recently I have been perusing around Facebook and found a grand variety of comments over the supposed ‘New Facebook’. Based on what I have seen, the vast majority of them were negative, ranging from ‘damn this thing sucks’ to ‘F*&K! CHANGE IT BACK!” and I can understand where these people are coming from. People are adverse to change, that’s for sure. So the extreme negative reception is expected. In response to the response, I took a better look around to try and figure out what people are complaining about. I actually discovered that I like most of the changes.

Personally I hardly use Facebook. Facebook is about occasionally posting images, catching up with friends, and obsessively stalking your enemies, two of which I rarely get around to doing. However, contrary to the popular opinion, I actually liked the redesign. While I admit that the Boxes tab is unorganized and hard to use (which may enviably be part of the design idea, trying to make it look like the machinations of an adolescent or collage brain, explaining quite a few things) I enjoyed most of the new changes.

First of all, the Wall was annoying. It was always at the bottom of every page and with the multiple varieties of walls it was just a pain in the ass to deal with. Now that they combined that with the posts section, I really like it. It still has all the basic information along with a brief insight into one’s photos and videos. It has all the simplicity that a profile page should have.

In general, the merger gives the Wall a more complete aesthetic, instead of the large disconnect that it had prior. Also I never thought the wall had much of a purpose, with the prominence of IM and e-mail. Now the Wall has a much greater sense of purpose on top of making it a lot easier to use.
The separations of Info, Photo and Boxes are also an improvement. Previously it cluttered up the page, and with its division profiles appear cleaner and more streamline, along with making the information easier to access.

Unfortunately the Boxes tab is a slight reverse. Again, I rarely use Facebook so I don’t have many applications or the like, but I found that the Boxes actually make life harder. They are pretty far from the main pages, creating a sort of disconnect. Also half the information in that tab is trivial bringing up the point of why would I bother to go through all that simply to view someone’s Scrabulus high score. At least before all one had to do was scroll down.

Overall I liked the change. It’s better for people like me who only really care about seeing what people having been doing recently, and pulls away from the apllication side. This, in a way, is returning Facebook to its roots: a purely social forum with the applications solely as a backdrop. The feed has been divided appropriately and is much more customizable to filter out the updates you don’t care about, or to show everything. Though there are some kinks, I think the change is for the best. It looks to appeal to the more casual users (like myself), while still remaining functional for the coffee-inspired socialites who require an update every fifteen seconds.

山崎まさよし One more time , One more chance

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Alright, I missed a week kinda. Arman is currently screaming at me to post this thing up, but I go at my own pace. And I like sleeping.

This week they talk about:

  • The return of Hunter X Hunter
  • The screw up of Tonari no 801-chan
  • Second Death Note Movie in the US
  • New Initial D anime
  • Eugene Zombies

There are no reviews this week, proving that they are just as lazy as I am. Oh and remember to comment.