Eureka Seven Madness – It’s almost a Review. I think.

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[You know what I love? 3 am. Three AM is this magical time of the day that you can do anything and talk to anyone without fear of being reproached and told that your writing is messy, confusing or written in the wrong language, because if they do you can always respond I did it at 3am, jerk-wad and suddenly it all makes sense. They will be keen to admit that this is not your best work or the reason that you beat little Jimmy with a hammer was not because you’re a psychopath. It’s because you’re a psychopath who works at 3am. And really if you’re not going to go on a murderous rampage afterwards, why bother starting anything past 1am. It’s just too much effort without the insanity.]

Wait. This was supposed to be about Eureka Seven wasn’t it?

No, I dont get it either

No, I don't get it either

Er, right. So I’m not writing this at three am but I am tired so don’t expect the utmost quality out of this rant.

Okay: Now On Topic. Eureka Seven, pronounced eulrrekka seven in the English version for whatever reason expect bad Japanese sounds like a better name than what Archimedes screamed after discovering buoyancy, is a anime I must admit I have been very enthused about recently. Last year I had Code Geass and now magically I have this shounen mech fest to takes its place. I don’t have affinity to mech-anime despite what those two series correlate, just an affinity to a certain kind of plot. See, I like Shounens. And I’m male. So it all works out; however what I hate are animes and mangas where the main character is a naive idiot and yet somehow finds his way home every day and gets cookies from everyone. Not only does this tend to make your lead character fat and bloated, you end up with a very unrelatable and Mary Sue like character.

Eureka Seven had a lot of the main character doing extremely naive things and then getting beaten into the ground for it, which I enjoy.

Not who you think he is. Well, maybe.

Not who you think he is. Well, maybe.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. This all started with the movie: Eureka Seven – Pocketful (Pocket Full?) of Rainbows. And then that started with the movie Sky Crawlers. Right, so Sky Crawlers was an almost boring movie about the blatancy and stupidity of both the fanbase and anime. If you didn’t get that watch it two more times and imagine the main character is called “Generic Shounen Lead”, and if you still don’t get it I can’t help you. This movie left me a little disillusioned with anime and media in general as the director was, in many ways, right.

However, I had decided to organize an anime marathon a few weeks before I saw that, so I had an obligation to go through with it and in the end, the movie that ended up being the star of the show was Eureka Seven: Pocketful of Rainbows. Hell, I enjoyed it and somehow I think – and I may be going out on a limb here – but I think that movie was trying to say something. Prior to this I had watched only a couple episodes of the series and was pleased to hear the movie took place in an alternate universe. I knew enough of the series to understand the majority of the references, and found their treatment of the original series intriguing.

Not you! I said kill Renton! Reeeentoooon. You know, the whiny one?

Not you! I said kill Renton! Reeeentoooon. You know, the whiny one?

The movie seemed to have Holland chasing the original universe around like a puppy, if not a puppy with one of the most badass mechs I’ve ever seen. His reasons and methods to get there were questionable, though handwavable. Yet the entire point of the movie was that….this is an original work and people should make their own stories. Now, while this isn’t particularly revolutionary topic for an anime it struck me as one handled very well in the context of the series and provided some personal hope for the anime genre. It was an excellent movie and attempted to deliver what appears to be a reasonable message. The only negative in the movie is that someone was actively defending South Dakota. Kidding! Sort of-

And now, because of this discovery, I am watching the anime. It’s average. I’ve gotten through the first 26 episodes without a hitch and it looks like it might start getting better. I understand there’s some pretty heavy mindf(&kery near the end but that’s how I like my anime. The one thing it does well in both the movie and the series is try to shove off some of the main character’s naiveté. Considering that I’ve been reading only Bleach and Naruto recently, I feel like a great pain is lifting from my corneas.


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