This is what I had to face the other day. A full week before school school started I saw this. My school. From the bloody inside.

Do you know how horrifying that is? To know that not only will you be inside for another year but it will be your last. It’s bloody heartwrentching everytime I think about it.

This picture came from the end of the mentor program at our school. The grade 11s and 12s team up to show how awesome St. Francis Xavier i to all the grade nines. I decided to participate because it’s always fun to influence young minds into doing things. Like homework. Evil laugh, I shall influence them to do their homework. See how sinister I can be? I am pure evil.

Right. I can stop now.I make a pathetic villain. The most I would do is compell people to enjoy philosophy class, which is a true evil indeed.

I got a group of grade nines who unfortunately I have nothing in common with but they were nice guys, unlike how much of the other grade nines can be, so I let them in on a few hints about how the school runs. One of them came from my old elementary school and one of my sister’s friends. I knew her well enough and she helped keep some of the other guys in line. Although, it scares me how I’m now responsible for them. Almost makes me think I’m growing up. Oh, the horrors!Last Week of Summer 037


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