Monthly Archives: January 2011

Right. 2011.

As usual, I percieve the New Year to start with a fizzle instead of a bang. Things just aren’t dramatic enough for me around New Years. Is it wrong to feel that the coming of another year should be more than yelp of  ‘Happy New Year’ and the drinking of the dire substance known as champaigne. There should be fireworks, explosions, a visit from the king, a life changing moment, something, anything to signify that the world has concluded one grand motion around the sun. I suppose I’ll have to be satisified with terrible champaigne. Cheers everyone.

Anyway. Here I am trying to make this New Year matter. I want to make a plan that will make 2011 mean something looking back. I will likely forgotton and failed this plan two weeks in to January, but for those two weeks, I will do my darnedest.

This is the plan:

  • Put something on my tumblog once every two days, and something major on this blog here
  • Get involved with a news organization. I joined one. Now it’s about time I actually do something with it
  • Actually work towards future goals. This means volunteering and finding a way to get on a debate team
  • This is frightening concept, but actually start a debate team. I have no idea how I’m going to do this, or really who would join, but Ryerson has no general debate team, so why not?
  • Start essays not the week it’s due. That was the most retarded thing I did last semester and I had weeks to get most of those assignments done.
  • Exercise in some regular amount. This comes up every year, and if anything I want to stick by this one. As they say, healthy body, healthy mind.

And that’s really it. Happy New Year to the minute audience who reads this. And the rest of the world I guess.