Review: Journey into Mystery 624

Set in the back drop of Fear Itself, Loki continues to scheme his way to a revolution in Asgard. Odin has become paranoid now that the serpent has revealed himself, calling for war, with Thor as the few voices against him. Loki, a sympathetic character since his resurrection, is trying to overthrow Odin so that Thor can take charge.  He’s already freed Thor from his prison and is now set to turn underworld against the all-father.

Journey into Mystery has so far been one of the better tie-ins to a big Marvel event. The plot feels like it has value and adds to the grander plot of Fear Itself. It doesn’t expect the reader to know what’s going in the main comic either. It’s an enjoyable tale for new readers and readers who are looking get a little more out of the Summer event. Loki’s adventures are entertaining, and appropriately feels like a tale about a child. Loki tricks people in a way a child would, innocently. He uses little white lies that hold fragments of the truth to turn people against each other and so that he can reach his goals. However, his plans tend to have an adult level of complexity to them, especially during the plot of this issue.

Karen Gillen handles the characters well. Loki is well established to have done terrible deeds in the past just from the reaction of people like Odin. So when others move to defend him it also demonstrates a believable shift in Loki’s role in Asgard. He is not trustworthy but at least now he has good intentions. Character development like this is rarely given to former villains.

The colours and pencils for this issue look great, with Braithwaite making the art look like a mythological or ancient tale. The somewhat absurd looking character designs manage to fit within this version of Asgard, without looking out of place with the old Norse inspired environments. The panels are dynamic, which make the story easy to read and follow to the end. My only concern is that Loki’s face seems to become older in close up shots, and while I’m not sure if this intentional, it made my experience a little jarring. It was just certain panels where I wasn’t absolutely sure at whom I was looking.

This issue suffers for being in the middle of things. Certain events are set into motion, but we don’t really get a chance to see them play out. It does promise a big conclusion coming, but until then we’re left with a comic that doesn’t quite have a proper beginning or end.

Score: 3.5/5

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