David Lester Launches The Listener, Shows Off His Book Through Song

I was that the launch party for David Lester’s “The Listener” at Type Books last Friday, and it turned out to be pretty damn weird. I should have realized that it was not going to be a typical Question and Anwser launch when Lester pulled out his guitar and started to play his book out in song form. Here’s a good sample below.

It’s not a great quality video but the best I could manage under the circumstances.

“The Listener” is a graphic novel about a struggling artist who stops creating after a traumatic event and decides to listen instead.  It stars Louise, a Canadian political artist in England. One day a man inspired by her work, dies while trying to hang a banner.This catapults Louise away from her work and towards the art scene of Europe. She meets various individuals harrowed by their past, ending with an elderly German couple. They describe their history in Wiemar Germany and Hitler’s rise to power. It’s a long story about interpretation and the need for activism.

Despite being described as a Q&A there wasn’t much involvement from the audience. It was mostly a conversation between the editor and Lester, though it’s a conversation that definitely brought some insight into his novel.

There was a lot more too it than that. Lester said, ” I asked the question how could a country that produced Beethoven and Heidegger bring rise to Hitler and it scared me about [Canada]. It is so easy for the world to change that way. ”

He continued on about his novel, saying that “The Listener is the act of bearing witness to history and it’s extension of what I do [with my band] Mecca Normal”

The Listener is already in shelves, and has been recommended by the AV Club and Comic Book Resources.

For some sample pages, here are some below.

Find out more and see some more sample pages here, and if you’re interested, use the site to find where you can buy a copy.


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