Video: DC’s “New 52” Commericial is Out, and Reminds Us of 90s

I have been telling everyone I can that in order for DC’s new 52 initiative to be a success they need average people to know. Not comic book fans, not sci-fi nerds, not software engineers. DC needs anyone who doesn’t regularly read comics, but could, given they knew it existed and was a valid medium of expression. And when I write needs, I mean needs. They have been spending far too much money for their initiative to be a flop. Whether or not they succeed is going to determine the fate of the company and whether it can take any risks in the future.

One way of advertising is through television, and so DC seems to have contacted Hero Complex to construct what can generally be defined as a television advertisement. I say generally because I couldn’t actually let myself listen to it as it has one of the worst two notes attached to it I have ever had the displeasure to fly into my ears. The tune I will loosely define as a song that is a heavy metal track sounds like it was produced by a macabre 10 year old figuring how to use Garage Band for the first time. I guess the intention was to give us a grungey feel since all of the scenes they animated for the purposes of this ad are some of the darkest representations of DC heroes since the 1990s.

There’s the other thing. I really hope this ad isn’t actually representative of the content, because if all these heroes have suddenly returned to the Dark Age of comics, we’re looking at a narrowing down of the audience. Very few people want to buy something advertised as dark and grim. They like to hear about it from the news for sure, but fiction is all about escapism. These heroes, and most of all, this ad should be representative of what people want to read. You can’t relate to quickly moving still images on screen, so the easiest way is to present the ideals in the way the images are presented, and right now, the ideal is that WE WILL PUNCH DUDES AND THEY WILL CRY. In a poor economy, and worldwide strife, I’d much rather to see something positive. This is not to say you can’t address issues, like have Batman find someone on drugs or Wonder Woman fight in a war, but Superman throwing civilians off a building in your ad? That doesn’t spark interest. That makes me want to change the channel.

There is a two minute version you can find, but really, it’s not worth your time. The tune is barely tolerable in its thirty second incarnation. Over two minutes it may make you want to personally take this up with Hero Complex. I know I do.

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