Video: Fallout: Nuka Break, The Legend of One Man and His Desire for the Perfect Cola

This fan-made series is pretty hilarious. Written by Brian Clevinger, known for Atomic Robo and 8-bit Theater, it’s like a more violent, lower budget Firefly. There’s set to be about ten episodes in this series, with future episodes being 5 minutes long. I didn’t think this would be any good but colour me surprised, it is. There’s a witty script, and while the acting’s not comparable, the setting is interesting enough that I could overlook some of the mumbled lines. The props are reasonably authentic and it captures Fallout’s post-apocalyptic wasteland atmosphere remarkably well.

I recommend at least taking a gander at the first episode, especially if you’re a Fallout fan. They even use VATS in one scene, which is good, I guess. I thought it was weird, but it is pretty cool how they included that in an episode.


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  1. Wow, I’m pretty surprised, as well. I like the attention to detail, such as the sound of the bottle caps and the weapons powering up. Even had the Pip-boy on his arm. Thanks for the post, may actually watch more of these.

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