End of the World: Time to Get Started

Image by Michal Dziekan

I made a New Years resolution last year, and boy oh boy did I fail to follow it. So here’s the deal, I’m not going to make a New Year’s resolution. I’m making an end of the world decision. This is 2012. The last year on the Mayan Calender. Not that I actually believe in that tripe, but the end of the world is a good motivation. Some might say that an incoming meteor or earthquake or invading aliens provides incentive.

I am going to devote a minimum of two hours every weekday to creative flow. Everyday I am going to try to develop and execute  new ideas. For some people that means programming,  or playing music, or drawing. For me that means being a aware of my surroundings and writing whenever I get a spare chance. The results will inevitably revealed through five avenues of output:

  1. This blog. This is where I will keep my longer commentary pieces on news and analysis. I don’t expect I’ll end up using this as much as I will like; however, should I need a 1000 words, this shall be its destination
  2. My tumblog: This is for shorter articles on news. I expect to regularly update this blog with links to news pieces I think are confounding and wild.
  3. A Movie/Game Review Site: I’ve been meaning to do this for years and nearly got started over the break. I watch a stupid amount of movies and my friends play a stupid amount of games. Together I think we can spawn enough content to create something great. Right now I’m just securing art assets to make the site unique enough that it won’t get lost in the infinite screaming match. When I have it ready, I’ll first post about it here.
  4. A second feature for the Toronto Standard. My first feature was well received by the online newspaper, but if I want any real credibility I need to have a second article published. They’ve already asked me for another proposal.  I’m thinking about street art in Toronto, with a focus on a certain Posterchild. Other ideas include the lack of appreciation of Canadian movies and a larger piece on the potential resurgence of Canadian comedy.
  5. CTMedia. This site stinks. They’ve been slow to change and slow to update, two of the great Internet sins. We have a 24-hour news cycle. How can they not have an article released within a day of receiving it? Yet, they also need a tech reporter and pay almost minimum wage. That’s incentive enough.

While this is all running, I shall begin work on Pass the Word, a political commentary site that’s been fermenting in my mind for far too long without any action. This is going to require a quite a bit of work, so I’m going to break it down to bite size pieces and see if I can get an infrastructure working by exam season.

And let’s not forget my fictional endeavors. By the end of this week I will finish the first chapter in what will be a groundbreaking Nightwing novel. It will be good or I will burn it to ash. Below that on my priority list is my the start of my original time travel series and work on a couple short story ideas. Not to mention the long overdue conclusion to my Bleach fanfiction. I already have a 100 pages on that sucker. I might as well finish it. I just have to be careful and not start writing a Mistborn fanfic as well.

So, why am I telling you all this?

A friend of mine taught me that one of the biggest motivators, beyond fear and stress and even the end of the world, is social obligation. I write to you with the hope that the Internet and the friends who read this blog will keep me honest. I also hope to inspire some end of the world decisions in you as well.

Mark make that blog and start writing. It’s about time you started yelling into the hate void. ( By the way, I suggest the name Unsettled Tides) Holly start work on your refrigerator app. It sounds like a cool idea and it would be a great shame if someone implements it before you do. And Matthew, you said you would make a chess game months ago.

2012, as much as any other year, may be our last year on earth. Better get these things out of the way before the earthquake/meteor/return of the dinosaurs.

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