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Holy Movie Madness, Batman!

The Dark Knight is and was awesome. Everyone who saw it says so and those who don’t will never say so due to the fear of getting mauled by hundreds of thousands of fans. Regardless, Batman was amazing. Great sound, picture, story, and characters. Heath Ledger as the Joker was one of the best parts of the movie, and it really sucks now that he’s dead. The only negative is that there no laughing gas. I really wanted the Joker to use that madness-inducing “Joker venom”. Too bad I suppose, but the film did really well regardless and  he did give several deserving people his trademark smile.

All of this is really just repetition, so I won’t elaborate. I’m sure that ten thousand other blogs and their dog have basically said the same thing. The real reason I’m writing this is to explain the utter madness that occured because of the that movie. This movie beat out Spider-Man 3 of its title as world’s biggest cash cow. It also was much better than Spider-Man 3, then again that movie at this point doesn’t even compare to The Dark Knight.

I went to see the movie Friday, the day of its release. The midnight showing was sold out as I had realized the film was coming out too late to buy a ticket. After seeing the hype and increasingly positive reviews for the film, I try to go for the 7:00PM showing only to have it sell out the night before. I hastily buy a couple tickets for the 7:30PM showing and invite a couple friends to come along. We show up at about 5:30, two hours before the movie even starts. I took the necessary precautions when going to see a movie this hyped and went really early, expecting the theatre to be clear. “No one would show up more than two hours early for a Batman movie,” I say to myself as I approach theatre. Not even a minute later we see an inescapable line up of at least a hundred people eagerly waiting to see the movie. That was insane, completely insane, which in the end I should have expected considering irony of the situation.

Regardless the line up was a fun anticipation for the film. Everyone there was really enthusiastic about seeing the film and it helped make the Dark Knight much more enjoyable than it would have been had I not seen it Opening Day. Although it did require us to stand up for two hours.