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Review: Batman: Gates of Gotham 1-5

Scott Snyder has proven himself with American Vampire and his run on Detective Comics to be one DC’s best writers. Gates of Gotham, however, is not quite at that level. It is by no means bad or unreadable but it doesn’t capture the same thrill and intrigue that his other comics have done.

The story of Gates of Gotham regards the destruction of Gotham’s landmarks, where the city becomes a character in a plot that spans decades of its history. Batman (Dick Grayson) and all of his allies must stop whoever is responsible and discover their motives before Gotham becomes unrecognizable. The best attributes of the story are its characters and how it elaborates on Gotham’s past. I really enjoyed seeing Damien antagonize Cassandra Cain, and  Tim Drake’s wit and Dick trying to hold all three of them together. They all make the story interesting and better realized. Read the rest of this entry

Review: Batman: Knight of Vengeance 3

Batman: Knight of Vengeance is better than Flashpoint. I guess I should give Flashpoint the benefit of the doubt, since there is one issue left, but screw it. I’m going to be unprofessional and say right now that Batman: Knight of Vengeance is one of the best works of short fiction done for a event and a fantastic rendition of an Elseworlds Batman. Prior to this, I have never been curious what would happen if Thomas Wayne was Batman, and now I find myself curious about possible further adventures. Brian Azzarello ends his three issue arc in a way where a continuation wouldn’t really be viable, though leaves the reader mostly satisfied.

In spite of  tendency for three issue series to be over stuffed or complete fodder, Azzarello produces some amazing work that is not only engaging but ties into the main Flashpoint series. Read the rest of this entry

Review: Flashpoint 3

Despite exploding upon his attempt to recreate his Flash powers, Barry Allen lives long enough to try again. This time it doesn’t result in a hilarious self-deprecating moment and Allen’s powers return. Problem solved, the Flash and Thomas Wayne Batman decide to search for Superman with the hopes that he can shift the tides in the crumbling world of Flashpoint.

We’re more than halfway through this supposedly world shattering series, and it seems we’re only starting to get to the main plot. We can see an inkling of an army being built and a lot of character development, but this should not be happening during the third issue. Read the rest of this entry