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The Canadian iPhone

Alright so early Wednesday morning Rogers, that magical media conglomerate, finally gave into the demands of the people and let up on the 3G iPhone data plan.  So behold the 6GB data plan! It’s 30 dollars on whatever plan you already have and then you get what is usually considered the unlimited deal in the US. While this does nothing to alleviate the fact that you only get 150 minutes at $60, a price which AT&T offers 450 minutes plus caller ID and 2,500 sent text messages at a two year contract instead of the Rogers three year package.  At least it shows that Rogers is willing to compromise somewhat.

However somehow I believe it has less to do with compromise and more to do with the fact that there was so much bad publicity surrounding them. It almost got to the point where it would be an embarrassment to enter a Rogers facility.  Not to mention a rumour about Rogers losing Apple’s support, who planned on shooting them in the leg by leaving them with only 10-20 units per store.

Although this is in effect a small victory in comparison of the other issues in the Rogers plan, it still shows that thousands of people ranting over the Internet are able to make even a monopolistic monolith second guess their decisions. So it wasn’t the deal changer that people were hoping for, but at least you can get the unlimited data.

What it really shows is how much the cell industry has to change in Canada. It shouldn’t get to the state where we are clamouring for a change. Rogers has gotten too big and has way too much control over this stuff. Worst of all wherever they go they kill everything that they deem to be useless or unpopular and replace it with their own standards. Everyone knew that the iPhone was going to be expensive in Canada, all our cell phone plans are pretty high in comparison to the states; however that does not give you an excuse to jack up the price further.  They tried to take advantage of the people thinking that everyone would just pay whatever price for an iPhone. They thought we were stupid, that we would just bark like dogs and pay up. What they didn’t expect was the extreme negativity. I mean this has spawned things like Rogers boycotts and petitions. Or maybe they expected this, and this is all part of their sinister plan to control the Canadian economy. Somewhere along the line, I doubt that.