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G.A.M. Netcast 00

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A close friend of mine who lives in his basement, and rents movie every week because he is too poor to buy them, has decided to start his own Japanese Otaku podcast.In my divine wisdom I told him to paste it on my blog since too many people seem to be reading this and I need a way to get rid of them.

It’s not all that great considering his condenser mic isn’t arriving for another week, but it’d be nice to give this guy a chance. He’s at least trying, unlike you. Along side him are his two other chums who are too insignificant to mention further.

Code Geass R2 – Updated Impressions

So it’s been a couple weeks since I last talked about this, and things have certainly changed. For better or worse is still up for debate but I’m feeling much better about the show than I was a few weeks ago.

Current State of Affairs

Current State of Affairs

First of all the plot is starting to rear its head which means the episodes are more concerned with moving the story rather than showing us some extremely well-endowed females. The developments have been huge. Shirley died, which was slightly expected. On the contrary Orange-kun killed most of Lelouch’s guards solely to test him and then join the Black Knights, which was completely unexpected. C.C. has reverted back to a slave girl, which so far has led to an interesting dynamic with Lelouch.  The Black Knights did their own mass murder, and King Charles became invincible. Not to mention Kallen managed to beat the snot out of Suzaku.



All this has allowed the central characters of Lelouch and Suzaku to slowly become stronger characters. They have both experienced serious hardships, with Shirley dying and Suzaku’s near forceful application of the Refrain drug on Kallen, not to mention that trippy episode taking place in the Sword of Akasha. The previous episodes came together with Lelouch and Suzaku finally fully come to terms with each other identities and their intentions, ending with Lelouch begging for Suzaku’s help to protect Nunnally.

While we’re only at episode sixteen, with seventeen coming out later today, things have finally started to heat up. It now seems that a lot of the pointless episodes were simply trying to establish that Lelouch likes Shirley. It was almost as if the production team needed to kill her off but couldn’t make it count since  Lelouch, throughout the first season, was generally an obvious, emotionless git.

Lelouchs worried, loving, and oblivious face

Lelouch's worried, loving, and oblivious face

Unfortunately this also created some useless plot lines. For example that supposed twist that ‘Holy Shit! The other Knightmare pilots live there now! What a surprise!” which I never got since they pretty much lived there in the first place. Really I think those last minute corny plot twists were just lame attempts at trying to get our attention for episodes that were going to be mostly Lelouch – Shirley focused.

The way things are looking, it seems that things are certainly looking up. I admit that the last few episodes were not amazing episodes, they were intriguing and entertaining in their own merit. I think that this meeting with Suzaku will initiate the climax of the second season and I can only hope that it’s smooth sailing from there. In the end you should rewatch the first few episodes of the first season. While the fan service was not as plenty, it was still there. It just wasn’t at the point yet where we could determine what was fanservice and what was plot. Also other than the first two episodes the series wasn’t all that interesting until the appearance of Mao, after which things became more serious.

Suzaku Confounded

Suzaku's Confounded

So yeah, in the end we just have to hope that the writers know what they’re doing. They seem to have a good idea of the way things are going to go from here, and I just hope it’s another trip down to crazy. This always happens with second season of a show. Everyone complains about the first few episodes of a new season because they aren’t as good as the last episodes of the previous season. Of course the first ten to fifteen episodes aren’t going to be all that exciting, they’re still setting up the plot. Actually everything really depends on these next few episodes. If they are utter garbage that give one merit to completely abandon the series, as here is when the actual meat of story begins. Still, as a confident fan of the series I can only imagine that these next few episodes are going to be awesome.

All Hail Britannia!

All Hail Britannia!

Oh and sorry, I think there were spoilers in there somewhere.

Hmm…Code Geass R2

To start I’d better say that I’m a big fan of Code Geass. I watched it since it’s inception, and even got a few friends hooked to the series. I loved it for the fact that it was a good plot, intriguing characters and wasn’t Gundam. Actually that last one played a big factor in my appreciation of the series. So you can imagine my glee when I found out there was going to be second season.

Now, Code Geass R2 has arrived and already run through 11 episodes, so I’m here to do my part. Code Geass R2 is a great series that fits into my unhealthy appetite for anime. It has the hard mech-on-mech action required for a show of it calibre as well as containing all the intrigue of a mid-season episode of Death Note.  Now I’ve definitely heard people talking about how it is a glorious mess, and while upholding my opinion I must agree. It seems that the writers have been abducted by the almighty Mithras and been replaced with a series of bureaucratic Japanese Dan Browns. There’s fan service up the arse and the plot twists have changed from ‘HOLY S@”!T THAT JUST HAPPENED!’ to ‘Oh, really? I definitely wasn’t expecting that.’

Huh, They brought Orange-kun back

However I still stand by the series and hold it in the highest regard as the others have yet to see the genius. The season is still enjoyable because it’s so bad. The writing is hilarious, not the dialogue per-se (although that needs improvements) but general plot of the season. By episode 11, it seems the mechs have been bouncing back and forth between to the point where the Britannians hold the Guren captive, the Chinese have the Super Guren, and the Order of Black Knights is left with a the Mirage, a Gawain copy with the convenient ability of Deus Ex Machina. It’s here that I start wondering when the inbreeding is going to begin or if it already has begun and that leads to entirely new problem.

I can see the doushinji now

Also the fan service, it’s fan service. I’m a fan and occasionally I like to be serviced. While I must admit that there has been more fan service in these eleven episodes than the entire first season, the key here is to accept the season for what it is. It’s not going to be the award winning, adrenaline pumping action and intrigue that the first season was. Code Geass R2 is a new beast all its own, if not a neglected, and well endowed beast.

Anyways I still uphold the three season rule. If the first season was awesome, the second will suck and by the third season they will have found all their mistakes and purify it into pure greatness. While this usually only applies American programs, I’m hoping that Code Geass will last long enough. Also, Sunrise still has the rest of the season to turn this bloated ship around. Hey, for all we know this was all part of the plan, and starting with the twelfth episode it’ll be kick ass. Err…seeing as that episode looks to be mostly filler, somehow I doubt that. One can dream I suppose.