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Alright so Wednesday I had that churning feeling in my stomach, which meant it was time to leave the house and watch a movie. So after some coercion from my friends I saw Hancock. I never really had high standards for that film, and by not having high standards I mean I expected it to suck. It seemed like a film Will Smith took part in simply because he was bored. Well, I was pleasantly surprise to find that it wasn’t terrible. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that great either.


Big Smith is watching you!

Hancock seems like a neglected film. It’s almost as if the cast of the film was unoccupied for the summer and decided, ‘Hey let’s make a superhero movie! You can bring the cameras, I’ll bring the wine.” While the movie isn’t bad, it’s just not all that good either. A lot of it seems rushed. For example at the start of the film it’s the general consensus of the people of Miami that Hancock is an @#$hole; however after a single act of true heroism, they act like he’s been a great guy all along. On top of that the acting isn’t all that great and the humour is hit and miss at times, varying from extremely funny to slightly awkward.

Plot-wise it isn’t half bad. Will Smith plays a jaded Hancock, who because of his amnesia is a jerk. Through the plot he tries to better himself and eventually wins the hearts of the people. Okay so it’s a bit cliché but the film knows it. It seems they knew that it was going to be from the start and so they threw a couple punches at the traditional view of the superhero. The best part is the main villain is can even be seen as a throwback to ‘good’ old Dr. Claw. Also while it does try to explain Hancock’s origins, it doesn’t do so very well, leaving you with a lot more questions than anwsers.

In the end though the movie seems like a one and half hour introduction to nothing. It brings a couple good characters, but doesn’t really do anything with them. There seemed to be some sort of romance in it but it never really developed. Seriously though, I found myself enjoying most of the film regardless of how mediocre the movie can be. What I really want to see now is a television series or sequel or something that couple elaborate on the characters and introduce some new ones. In fact I would probably watch a Hancock sequel.

This movie really could have been a whole lot better had the actual movie been the first 45 minutes of it, while the remainder was some sort of cataclismic event. Maybe a little less cliché, but at this point what isn’t.