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Indirect Market: Cinematic Universe

Clearly there are not enough people talking about comics these days, so my good friend, Matthew Ishii and I decided to make our own podcast called Indirect Market. We talk about one broad topic in the comics industry every week and explore it to the best of our ability. Which, to be fair, isn’t much ability at all. The topic can range from shonen manga to costume changes in DC.

This time we talk about comic book movies!

  • We start with the heroes of Batman 66, and Superman, despite our lack of knowledge of them
  • Then move onto the crazy nineties with Spider-Man and X-Men films
  • Jumping to the current day, we talk about Marvel’s attempt to build a cinematic universe, the Dark Knight, and DC’s other lesser movies. We also talk about Pixar’s Incredibles and Kick Ass
  • We also talk about the amazing future, with Man of Steel, Amazing Spider-Man, the Avengers, and our own personal wishes, like an Iron Fist, Fourth World and Animal Man movies. Boy we get excited about a possible Animal Man film.

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