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Video: Portal Fan Film Is Awesome – Makes Me Want More

Portal: No Escape premiered at Comic Con and is likely one of the best renditions of video games into film. It only thing it’s missing is GLaDOS and turrets, but even with the narrowed down elements of just Chell with a portal gun, it is still quite entertaining. I don’t think you could really expand a Portal film beyond 60 minutes, just because the monotony of seeing tests on film with only one visible character gets a little boring after a while. However, I endeavour someone to try, because I am so pumped for another adaption after only seeing six minutes of film.

Serious Analysis: Portal 2

Hello the five people who read this blog, I am going to be doing a weekly blog post called ‘Serious Analysis’ on series or parts of series that I enjoyed.  These could be video games, anime, books, comics, animation, live action, TV or movies that I think are significant in some way and will attempt to inspire readers to look at these works in a new light or look at them in general.

This week, I am analyzing a game that neither needs added compliment nor attention, but I will give it that anyway. Portal 2 was released last week to much fanfare by the game press and fans, and is by Valve’s founder’s view, the best game they’ve ever published. And I agree. Now I could discuss this game to an endless degree, in terms of game design, dialogue and atmosphere, but I want to eschew that for one particular thing. I want to talk about how it rewards you. Specifically I want to talk about the ending, because I think it is an important hallmark of video game creation. And if that hasn’t scared you off already, you should know that this post will be intensively spoiler ridden. You will ruin the ending of Portal 2 if you read any further. This is not a drill. Read the rest of this entry